Swallow Choir


Choir of newcomers and genuine ‘Amsterdammers’

A swallow crosses half the world. The Swallow Choir is an unique choir, that unites refugees, expats and genuine ‘Amsterdammers’. We believe that singing in a choir is the best way to make new friends and helps integration. Music helps to express emotions where words are not enough. And sharing songs is sharing culture.

The members of the Swallow Choir are from 14 nationalities. The youngest singer is 7, the oldest already retired. The repertoire is equal divers: African, Arabic, Dutch, Latin American and even Latin.


Want to join?

You are most welcome! Luciana Cueto is singer and musical director of the choir. Rehearsals are every Tuesday
from 18.30h till 20.30h at BOOST, Danie Theronstraat 2, Amsterdam.
Participation is free. Would you like to join? Please sign up at "luargentina" at hotmail.com or just come to one of the rehearsals.

quote from Luciana Cueto

quote from Muhammed

quote from Muhammed

We are grateful for the sponsors of The Swallow Choir: