Swallow Choir


Swalowchoirs – Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht


Our Swallowchoirs are unique, founded to bring together refugees, statusholders, expats, non-native speakers, newcomers and townsmen. In the choirs are about twenty different nationalities represented.


Music connects, where language sometimes creates obstacles. All choirs are led by a professional conductor and rehearse once a week. Together with the conductor the choir compiles the repertoire. Every choir member can bring up a song from his own country, which makes the rehearsals very colorful. One moment you sing in Turkish, the next moment in Ukrainian, Chinese, Spanish, Armenian or even Latin or Frisian.


Choir members don’t need special singing qualities, everyone can join. Sometimes we are preparing for a performance, sometimes we participate in special choir days and sometimes we are even asked for a radio- or tv program.


Do you need more information? Do you want to join? Or do you know someone who likes to sing with us? Please contact our project manager Malika Ahrouch via ahrouch@philomela.nl.


You are very welcome!

quote from Luciana Cueto

quote from Muhammed

quote from Muhammed

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